How to reduce your odds of a flooded property…

Do you ever think to shut the water off to your home before going on vacation? What about while you’re at work (assuming nobody else is home)? Results of this simple yet overlooked thought often means the difference between coming home to paradise, or, coming home to a complete nightmare! The reality is, water damage strikes when it wants to. What’s more, water damage doesn’t discriminate. Thus, it’s imperative to prepare for such an unexpected event before you need water damage restoration services.

Do you have a plan in place?

Now, some water damage is caused by neglect. Routine maintenance reduces the chance of disaster by neglect. If you’re not quite sure where to start, or what to do, our water damage professionals can help you create a maintenance AND action plan. This plan will prepare you like a fire drill will prepare you in the event there’s a real fire. Knowing what to do when faced with water damage is good; but knowing what to do BEFORE water damage happens is better.

Minute Matter!

When it comes to water damage, minutes matter. Subsequently, the faster our water removal crews are on site the better. It takes 60 minutes or less for us to be at your door ready to work. We’ve cleaned up hundreds of water damaged properties in Phoenix. Our company offers water damage restoration services Phoenix can depend on.

Filing a Water Damage Claim

If you’re water damage is bad enough to file an insurance claim, we can help with the entire process. We’ve successfully restored hundreds of properties that filed claims. We will bill your insurance direct for our services and work with the claims adjuster to ensure your claim is a positive experience. Communication is one key factor for achieving a positive experience. We pride ourselves in transparency and a level of communication which most contractors lack. It’s our responsibility to not only mitigate your water loss in a professional and timely manner; we also feel it’s our duty to make that restoration process as stress and pain free as reasonably possible.

Water Damage Repair in Chandler, AZ
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