Water Damage Removal, Restoration, Extraction, Cleanup and Repair

Water Damage Repair Services in Gilbert Arizona

Patterson Restoration, LLC is a top water damage repair company serving the Gilbert community. Our team is standing by ready to aid you with your repairs 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. Responding to water damage quickly is imperative to prevent further structural damage and mold growth from occurring. Furthermore, the sooner a professional is on site to mitigate the loss, the lower the cost will be to repair the structure and any contents damaged by the leak.

Why is Water Damage Common in Gilbert, AZ

Water Damage Repair in Gilbert is as common as any other city in Arizona. It’s safe to assume that most properties in Gilbert have some sort of plumbing running through it. This being the case, and because malfunctions in plumbing are inevitable, each property with plumbing has the potential for a water damage issue to occur. So, what does one do when face to face with a water damage situation? Well, unless you are an water damage restoration expert, our suggestion would be to call our company to assist. The sooner you call, the faster your damage gets repaired!

Helping Gilbert Residents Clean Up The Mess

Cleaning up water damage is an overwhelming task without the right “know how” and equipment. This is precisely why a we are here to bear the burden for you. Our company has certified water damage repair professionals ready to help you at a moments notice. We’re operate just like the Gilbert Fire Department does. When we’re not cleaning up water damage, we’re cleaning our drying equipment, maintaining our service vehicles, and training to ensure we stay current on the latest procedures, standards, and regulations in our industry.

A fast response is the key to mitigating the spread of further damage. Water damage repair companies arrive on site, anywhere in Gilbert, in 60 minutes or less (most cases). Once on the scene, a safety inspection takes place to make sure no immediate dangers are present. We then begin securing contents. Securing contents after the safety inspection prevents further damage from setting in until the water extraction starts.

A proper and thorough extraction can dramatically improve the drying process, as well as prevent unnecessary flooring replacement due to water being allowed to dwell longer than it should. It only takes a short moment for full saturation to set in to structural materials. Our technicians have special moisture detection equipment (such as thermal image cameras) that find and measure the level of saturation in each affected area.

The Structural Drying Process of a Gilbert Property

A typical water damage dry-out take between 2-4 days to return the affected materials to a normal moisture content (dry standard). To meet the dry standard, the water damage repair company will first test and record what that standard is. This happens by measuring the same material in an unaffected area. The dry standard then becomes your target reading. There are many different approaches to drying wet structural materials, most of which will use four basic principles of drying. The four main principles are:

  1. A thorough extraction
  2. Proper air-movement
  3. Adequate dehumidification
  4. Proper temperature control

Our IICRC Certified water restoration professionals understand these drying principles and know how to apply them to any real life situation. There is no margin for error when it comes to water damage repair services. Water Damage Repair Phoenix - Service Experts, LLCComplete drying of your affected property, in the least amount of time (less than 5 days), is a must to prevent mold and bacteria from thriving. Because mold is a natural part of the environment in Gilbert, it only takes up to 24 hours for mold to germinate and within 48-72 hours mold can begin to colonize. Scary right!? Don’t let this happen to you. Even the smallest amount of water damage can cause mold to grow. Water is one of the main things mold needs to grow so it should be the main thing to control to prevent it.

24 Hour Water Extraction and Cleanup Services in Gilbert, AZ

Our 24 hour water cleanup service for Gilbert property owners are a phone call away. Because water damage can strike at any time, our certified water removal technicians are available 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. Patterson Restoration, LLC is always on standby ready to help you no matter the nature of the project. Round the clock restoration service is available anywhere in Gilbert. We understand the urgency water leaks create inside a home or business and know that having water damage repair crews at your door in 60 minutes or less is crucial to saving you money and your valuable belongings.