Water Damage Restoration Company in Phoenix

If you have water damage, Patterson Restoration is available 24 hours a day. If the damage was caused by actual flooding, professional assistance is highly recommended. However your property flooded, our water damage restoration professionals will be everything you need to get things back in order. Each team member is a highly skilled water damage professional. Our Company has all the proper licensing and meets the insurance requirements for the water restoration industry. Furthermore, we have positive standings with organizations like the Registrar of Contractors and are members of industry leading organizations such as Disaster Kleenup International.

Because time is critical when dealing with water damage, response time is imperative. Having a water extraction crew on site quickly to remove excess moisture and secure contents is vital to the process.

Dealing with water damage is difficult without proper knowledge and equipment. There’s no room for error if mold growth and other structural complications are to be avoided. A professional should at least assess the damage before making decisions on what to do. Some leaks can create enough water damage whereas an insurance claim may be the best option to cover the cost of repairs. Others may be a simple task that won’t cost much at all. These decisions are made more accurately once all facts are available. We’re one of the most reputable companies in Phoenix who provide water damage restoration that can walk you thorough the entire water mitigation process from start to finish. We can even assist with both water mitigation and reconstruction repairs. Because minutes matter, response time is immediate. On-site time in the Phoenix area is typically 60 minutes or less. For your convenience our company offers a free water damage evaluation.

24 Hour Water Extraction Service in Phoenix

Patterson Restoration is ready to help you with your water removal needs. These water extraction crews are on call 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. No matter the time of day or night you can rest assured there will be a water extraction crew able to be at your door in 60 minutes or less (most situations) to remove your unwanted moisture. Proper water extraction is crucial to ensure efficient dry-times. It’s important to extract as much of the moisture from the affected flooring materials, such as carpet and especially off of wood floors, before they are no longer salvageable. Call now and have one of our 24 Hr water removal crews at your service in no time.

Water damage repair companies in Phoenix know that relatively small leaks in a property will cause more damage if not cleaned up properly. The results of a water damage repair gone wrong is usually mold growth. Structural damage can also be severe if water damage repairs are left incomplete or repaired incorrectly. For this reason, those dealing with water damage should seriously consider having a professional survey the damage first before making decisions on what to do next.

Most Water Damage Situations Require an Expert

There are many different scenarios that can create the need to contract a professional water damage restoration company. One scenario is flooding from a rising river or stream that has invaded your property and left your structure wet and contaminated. Flooding is one of the worst kinds of water damage a property owner can experience. The damage caused is typically extensive and tragic to say the least.

What is flood damage? Flood damage is caused by water that comes from outside the property and has gone over the ground surface before going into the building. This water can be from a rising river or stream to an ocean surge or even from over irrigating. Flood restoration is different from water that comes from inside the property (unless it’s a sewage backup). These kind of water losses are categorized as a category 3 which are treated the same as a sewer back up. It is also referred to as “black water”.

Cleaning up after a flood requires the right equipment and a knowledge of category 3 restoration. The health of the occupants as well as those cleaning up these losses are at risk. Call us for a free evaluation of your flood damage.