Water Damage Claims – Phoenix AZ

Water damage happens frequently

Water damage is one of the most commonly filed insurance claims. Water damage also comes in many sizes so knowing when a professional water damage repair company is needed can be a difficult thought to grasp. Without the proper training and equipment, what may seem like a simple water cleanup can actually turn into a structural nightmare. A professional water restoration company is able to evaluate the extent of the damage by determining the moisture content of the structural materials affected. Once the moisture content is known, a plan of action can easily be created.

A very important step to getting a water damaged home or business back to normal is removing any standing or excess water from flooring materials such as wood, or carpet and carpet padding. When water removal is done correctly, the overall drying process is tremendously quicker. Professional water removal equipment typically consists of a high powered truck-mounted extraction unit, an extraction wand, a sub-surface extraction machine/tool, submersible pump, and a portable extraction machine. All of these tools of the trade are needed if water removal is to be performed correctly and thoroughly enough to dry a structure efficiently. We have all the tools, credentials, and expertise needed to handle your water cleanup with the utmost professionalism.

Timing is a pivotal factor when dealing with water damage. Fast action and immediate response are a must. The longer water is permitted to linger, the more damage will spread. Being able to respond 24 hours a day is what we do best! We understand the urgency involved with water cleanup and know that every minute counts.