24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Company Serving Tempe, AZ

24 Hour Water Damage Repair Company in Tempe, AZ

Water is a powerful and destructive force. Water Damage is the result of this force entering a building. The amount of water damage present is hard to gauge without the right moisture inspection equipment. Water can flood a property in many ways. Most structures flood from plumbing failures. Subsequently, these leaks often stem from pipe breaks and toilet/sink overflows. Other types of flooding come from outside the structure. Rising rivers, ocean surges, and heavy rains are three prime examples of water damage originating from outside a property.Water Damage Restoration Equipment

There are three categories of water damage and four classes. The category, class, and material(s) affected will dictate the action needed to get the property back to a pre-loss condition. No one ever expects to come home to a flooded house. However, it happens more often then people think. Statistics show that water damage is one of the most filed insurance claims in Arizona and Tempe is no stranger to property damage. Monsoon season often leaves a wake of damage behind it. But, the type of damage that happens more frequently is one you never really hear about. So, when exactly does it does happen? How will property owners know what to do? If you’re not sure about what to do in a water damage situation, our certified water damage restoration professionals will help you every step of the way.

24 Hour Water Removal Services in Tempe, AZ are a Call Away

Fast response to flood damage is critical. This action lowers the chance for secondary damage. Not to mention, lessening the cost of repairs. Mold is a prime example of secondary damage.

It’s probably safe to assume most property owners aren’t familiar with structural drying principals. Surprising to some, drying a building involves more than a mop and bucket. Proper drying even takes more than a mop, bucket, house fan, and a few open windows.

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Company in Tempe, AZ

Our certified technicians facilitate water damage repairs efficiently and effectively. Time is not your friend when dealing with the effects of water damage. When a situation allows for “in place drying”, we ensure a fast and thorough water extraction.

Removing as much standing water as one can, drying times typically decrease significantly. But, to achieve such an extraction, the right tools of the trade are a must. We utilize light wands, subsurface extraction tools, weighted extraction tools, and powerful truck mounted (or portable) vacuum systems. to remove the maximum amount of moisture from flooring materials. The more water removed; the less water there is to remove through evaporation.

Because leaks happen unexpectedly, our restoration company offers 24 hour water cleanup and repair services. No matter the time of day or night, these trained technicians can be on the site of a flood situation in 60 minutes or less (most cases). Once on site they’ll identify and eliminate safety hazards, remove standing water, secure contents and other moisture sensitive items, then develop a drying plan. Whats more, we set up drying equipment to increase evaporation. When all affected structural components reach their dry standard, drying is complete.

Qualified 24 Hour Water Extraction Company in Tempe, AZ

Many unqualified companies pollute the water damage restoration industry. We on the other hand, ARE qualified and equipped to handle any situation be it big or small.

In conclusion, if you’re facing a water damage situation and need immediate assistance, we’re ready to help and available 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. Avoid unnecessary repairs by acting fast. It’s our company’s goal to restore your property, not to replace everything. This sets our company apart from our competitors.