Water Damage Claims – Phoenix AZ

Water damage happens frequently

Water damage is one of the most commonly filed insurance claims. Water damage also comes in many sizes so knowing when a professional water damage repair company is needed can be a difficult thought to grasp. Without the proper training and equipment, what may seem like a simple water cleanup can actually turn into a structural nightmare. A professional water restoration company is able to evaluate the extent of the damage by determining the moisture content of the structural materials affected. Once the moisture content is known, a plan of action can easily be created.

A very important step to getting a water damaged home or business back to normal is removing any standing or excess water from flooring materials such as wood, or carpet and carpet padding. When water removal is done correctly, the overall drying process is tremendously quicker. Professional water removal equipment typically consists of a high powered truck-mounted extraction unit, an extraction wand, a sub-surface extraction machine/tool, submersible pump, and a portable extraction machine. All of these tools of the trade are needed if water removal is to be performed correctly and thoroughly enough to dry a structure efficiently. We have all the tools, credentials, and expertise needed to handle your water cleanup with the utmost professionalism.

Timing is a pivotal factor when dealing with water damage. Fast action and immediate response are a must. The longer water is permitted to linger, the more damage will spread. Being able to respond 24 hours a day is what we do best! We understand the urgency involved with water cleanup and know that every minute counts.

I just called for water damage help… now what?

How long until help arrives?

A professional team of water damage repair experts will be dispatched immediately and can be at your door in 60 min or less (in most cases). Response time is key when dealing with water damage. The sooner the cleanup begins; the faster the restoration can take place and the cheeper the price tag will be for those repairs.

What should I expect when our company first shows up?

When our water cleanup crew arrives, they will be ready to extract water and secure furniture and other water sensitive items from further damage. This process is called water damage mitigation. They will also make sure the water source is stopped and that any safety hazards are addressed and eliminated. Once all (non structural) water sensitive items have been secured and there is no longer an active water leak, a full inspection and assessment of the damages will be conducted. The inspection will enable our flood technicians to provide an accurate cost estimate for the repairs.

What more is needed after the initial mitigation is finished?

After the initial water damage mitigation is finished, structural materials such as carpet, baseboard, and cabinets may need to be dried further. A moisture content inspection will determine the need for further drying. If further drying is needed, drying equipment will be set up.

What kind of equipment will be used for drying?

Professional water damage requires high powered air movers (fans), dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment to dry wet materials. Each water damage situation will have its own equipment requirements to get things dry in the most efficient manner. From high volume water removal machines to wood floor and wall cavity drying systems, a true professional has it all. We are those professionals!

How long does it take to dry a water damaged property?

The typical “dry-time” for a water damaged home or business is 3-5 days. Sometimes drying can be completed in 24-48 hours. Other, more difficult drying situations, may require more than the normal drying time.

Will I be able to stay in my home (or business) while the drying is going on?

This all depends on how big of a water loss it is, whether it was clean water or black water, and wether or not you feel your space is livable under the circumstances. What you feel is unlivable may be considered livable by your claims adjuster (assuming you filed a claim). It is always best to consult with your insurance company first to make sure you have coverage for additional living expenses that may be accrued during the water restoration process. We can help with identifying “unlivable conditions”.

How much does water damage repair cost?

The cost to repair a water damaged property depends on many factors. Too many to list here. This is precisely why it’s a good idea to call a professional water damage restoration company. These water restoration companies will have the knowledge and tools needed to identify the damages correctly and then provide an accurate estimate based on your specific restoration needs.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of water damage repairs?

The best thing to do to know whether your water damage is covered or not is to look in your policy or to contact your insurance agent. If you have coverage and you decide to file a water damage claim we can assist you through the entire claim process.