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Mold Removal Phoenix, AZ

Whether it’s the infamous “Black Mold” or not, mold removal is oft-times a project for a Black Mold Removal Phoenixprofessional. Can black mold, or any mold for that matter, be removed without hiring a professional? Yes. However, because every situation is different, and because black mold and other mold species are microscopic and capable of producing toxins, consulting a certified professional before removing mold yourself is highly recommended. If mold is not removed properly, cross-contamination can occur and your health could be compromised based on the amount of exposure. Our mold remediation specialists have the proper training, skill, knowledge, and equipment needed to remediate these water damage situations correctly. This will help eliminate the risk of exposure and cross-contamination.

Properties in Phoenix Arizona are not immune from mold growth. Each structure has all the right elements for a “perfect storm” if you will. An organic food source, moisture, and air are the three things needed for mold spores to grow and multiply. Under the right conditions, the mold already naturally found in the environment will begin to germinate and then colonize on whatever food source it has chosen. Some food sources inside of a structure that mold loves to thrive on are drywall, certain types of carpet backing, cabinetry, and framing to name a few.

Water Leaks in a Property Cause Mold

When water leaks go unnoticed they typically will produce excess mold growth on the structural materials affected. That is why water removal and structural drying is so important. Tending to the leak right away (if it was a sudden burst) lowers odds for needing mold removal services. But, life isn’t always perfect and sometimes things just happen. Luckily there are remediation experts who can help!

If mold has affected your home or business and you need a mold removal company to clean up the microbial growth properly, you should consider hiring us. We’re a licensed and certified professional mold remediation company serving the Phoenix Metro Area. Because mold has the potential to cause serious problems, both structurally and with one’s health, consulting with a professional mold expert is highly recommended before attempting to clean up any amount of mold on your own.

Black Mold in Phoenix, AZ

Many property owners automatically assume whenever mold is present that it is black mold. This is not always the case. There are numerous types of mold which are found growing indoors. Did you know that there are other species of mold that are blackish in color? Mold spores come in a variety of colors. Did you also know that more than one spore-type is capable of growing on the same material at the same time? Mold testing is the method needed to identify spore type and quantity. If testing confirms black mold is present, black mold removal still requires the same removal protocol as other types of mold. A professional remediation company removes not just the black mold, but all types of mold.

Facts about Black Mold.

Removal of Airborne Mold Spores

Mold spores become air-borne with the slightest disturbance. When structural materials affected with mold are dry, the spores become air-borne more easily than when damp or wet. If you don’t have the proper training, applying air movement when trying to dry wet materials contaminated with mold growth is not a good idea, simply because you will spread mold spores throughout the property and make things worse. To prevent the spread of mold spores when drying contaminated structural materials (or contents), create a controlled environment first. HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers and negative air machines are just three types of equipment used by professional mold remediation companies to control the spread of mold spores during a mold removal project.

How do you know if you actually have mold or need the help of a professional company to help you if you do? Any suspect growth is microbial activity until tested and confirmed one way or another by a certified mold inspector. If the suspect growth is in fact mold, the next steps to follow are then determined by how much growth and by the structural components involved. Industry standards and guidelines for mold removal should be strictly followed at all times.

There are 14 general steps to professional black mold removal and mold removal in general.

    1. Locate the source of the problem.
    2. Fix the problem. This typically involves eliminating a source of water intrusion.
    3. Perform a thorough evaluation before drafting a protocol.
    4. Determine the type and level of contamination.
    5. Design a containment strategy.
    6. Set up containment.
    7. Suit up with the proper personal protective equipment and enter the containment.
    8. Perform the remediation.
    9. Properly dispose of the contaminated debris.
    10. Final cleanup.
    11. Containment exit protocol.
    12. Have a post remediation evaluation conducted by a certified third-party.
    13. After clearance, containment removal is next.
    14. Complete documentation of the remediation.

Don’t gamble with your health. When it comes to mold removal, better safe than sorry is always a sure bet.

There is no room for error when health is a factor

There is no room for error when considering your health. Yes, there is a lot of hype and scare tactics that hover around the topic of black mold and the mold removal industry as a whole, BUT, there’s also plenty of scientific data and facts that prove mold is a health hazard under certain conditions. Some factors that play a part in this are the type and amount of spores present. Another reason is the structural and environmental conditions present at the time of exposure. Temperature and moisture content of the contaminated materials are two conditions. Another reason that plays a part in whether or not mold is a potential health hazard is the person being exposed to the mold. Individual immune systems, age, and existing allergies will all have a hand in the equation.

What it all sums up to for us…

What it all sums up to for us is this; if you live in the Phoenix Metro area and think you have black mold or any type of mold, and if there is a concern that your health is at risk, a mold testing professional is the first recommended step to finding out how bad the contamination is or if there is contamination present at all. Based on their assessment, a MOLD REMOVAL expert like us would then be able to prepare a cost estimate for correcting the situation and returning the environment to a normal fungal ecology.

Mold Removal Phoenix – Mold Remediation Services in Arizona

Mold Removal Phoenix, AZ

Mold removal is a job best left to an expert. It takes a specific level of knowledge, skill, and equipment to provide quality mold remediation services. Mold is a natural part of most environments. It serves many positive purposes. One of those purposes is to breakdown organic matter or material. This however is not a positive thing when that matter or material is your home! Mold typically becomes problematic when spore levels are “elevated”. It also depends on the spore type. Many other factors have a baring on the impact mold will have in any given situation. A good rule to live by would be to not be exposed to any elevate spore type that grows in a water damage environment, and to have that mold evaluated by a professional mold inspector and then removed or remediated by a professional. There is a lot at stake and no room for error when your health is at risk – this is why you should seek out the best professionals for remediation that Phoenix has to offer… Like Us!

Excess mold in a home indicates an underlying issue. Not only is mold unsightly and, often, smelly, it can also cause health problems. This is especially true for those people who are sensitive to mold and its spores. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to mold can cause a number of different symptoms. These include throat irritation, coughing, skin irritation, wheezing, eye irritation, nasal stuffiness and more.

Rooting Out Mold

Because Phoenix is typically hot and dry, many people do not think about the chance that mold is in their homes unless it is visible to them. However, while some molds are in areas that are easily noticed by people, and may even be smelly, there are many that do not. In fact, a home may harbor mold and its spores in areas that are not noticed by the people who live there.

Places Where Microbial Growth Might Be Hiding in a Phoenix Property

If a homeowner thinks that mold might be hiding in their home, there are a few places to check:

  • leaking roofs, windows and pipes give a good base for mold spores to grow
  • new buildings that are sealed tightly may trap extra moisture inside
  • flooded basements or rooms that have not been dried out completely
  • rooms, such as bathrooms, that are not vented thoroughly
  • in air ducts
  • under carpets and wallpaper

Say Good-Bye to Mold

The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) recommends that homeowners use a remediation service if they find large areas of mold. Another reason why a remediation company should be contracted is if the homeowner cannot find the cause or area. This often occurs if the smell of mold or mildew is present in a room, but it is not clear what is causing it. Our company has the specialized equipment needed to remove mold safely. We also use industry proven techniques that make quick and thorough work of removing microbial growth.

Using our mold removal service saves home owners time and frustration. Safeguarding the health of the people who live in the home is of the greatest importance.

To Bleach or not to Bleach…

Many people have this misconception that bleach is an effective solution for fixing all microbial problems. The truth is, bleach is only good for hard surface cleaning. Bleach will not work for moldy drywall, baseboards, carpet, cabinets, or for removing mold spores from the air. A certified remediation expert has been through specific training and understands the principals of microbial activity and its effect on structural materials. The goal to any successful remediation is to return the contaminated environment to a normal fungal ecology. This success can only be confirmed through mold testing. Mold testing (sampling) for airborne and surface mold should be performed by a qualified Indoor Environmental Professional or IEP. Post remediation verification testing should always be provided by a company not affiliated with the remediation company to eliminate any conflicts of interest.

Mold Removal and Moisture Control in Phoenix, AZ

Microbial problems are a direct result of water damage. If you want to prevent excess microbial growth you need to control moisture. Whether it is an actual water leak or just high humidity, both require immediate attention. One common problem that’s typically an easy fix is poor ventilation in a bathroom for the use of a shower. Another is poor quality and/or poorly maintained water supply lines and fixtures. Structural materials that are wet should be rapidly dried to prevent microbial growth. Under the right conditions, mold will begin to germinate within 24 hours of water intrusion and can colonize within 48-72 hours. This leaves only a small window of time to get things dry. Calling our water damage restoration crews at the first sign of a water leak or flooding to help with the structural drying is highly recommended. In reality, water damage restoration IS mold prevention.

A lot of people ask if they can remove the mold themselves. The answer to that question is yes. BUT, the questions to ask are, can they remove ALL the excess growth from both the surface AND the air? Can they remove the contaminants in a way that will not cross contaminate the other areas of the home? Do they have the proper personal protective equipment to keep them safe from exposure? You can find answers to these questions and more by calling a professional on our site today.

Black Mold Removal Phoenix, AZ

Black mold, brown mold, green mold. What’s the difference? When it comes to removing it… nothing. Black mold removal is the same process as green or brown mold cleanup. Black mold (stachybotris) is toxigenic which means it has the capability of producing toxins. These toxins are what have been the scare and talk of the town for many years now. Not to worry, Phoenix is home to some of the top black mold removal companies Arizona has to offer. If you suspect you have a black mold problem, call a professional remediation firm today. Knowing what your environment is like, through testing services, can provide you with valuable information that will be needed by a remediation company to provide you with a more accurate scope. Once a scope is determined a quote can be given. We offer a free mold inspection Phoenix property owners can count on. Call our office to discuss anything further.