Lead can be found in interior and exterior paints or in plumbing as lead pipes or on copper pipes. The presence or absence of lead in a building may have many implications. Lead, once identified, becomes a health hazard to contractors and a potential future liability for property owners and the architect responsible for the project. Abatement is a must for the wellbeing of humans as well as the environment



Both sewage and flood water can lead to contamination, which is hazardous. Rely on our friendly and professional team to properly treat the damage. We offer tips and advice to keep you and your family safe Call today for a free Assessment (480) 349-0918


Asbestos abatement removes any dangerous asbestos containing materials that are at risk for releasing asbestos fibers into the air. Situations that create a need for asbestos remediation include upcoming renovations or demolition projects. Additionally, if materials are damaged or deteriorating, they may release asbestos fibers